A review of the Tantus Slow Drive dildo!

Video Transcript

When Tantus offered me my choice of toys for review, the Slow Drive was actually the first to come to mind. With its smooth texture, smaller size, and a G-spotting tip I’ve seen reviewers rave about, my hope was that it would be a great starter dildo to recommend to anyone looking to start exploring G-spot stimulation.

And I think it could be for a lot of people! But the Slow Drive taught me something very important about my G-spot, which is that it prefers broad stimulation.

When the large head of, say, the Cush rubs against and tugs on it, it’s absolutely in heaven. Whereas when I thrust with the Slow Drive, my G-spot is just like, “Why are you jabbing me?” It feels betrayed. Not by Tantus, who were lovely enough to send me this quality hunk of silicone, but by me, for not knowing my body well enough to know that that tip was never going to work for me. “Why didn’t you get the Sport?” it cries. I don’t know, G-spot. I don’t know.

Despite my G-spot’s objections, I still totally recommend this toy. Even though it doesn’t work for my body, I know a lot of people would love it, and I’m going to link a couple of reviews from folks who do down in the description.

The Tantus Slow Drive has a diameter of 1 and a quarter inches, and an insertable length of 5 inches. That, coupled with its smoothness from shaft to tip, means that most bodies should be able to accommodate it with ease.

It’s got this dramatic curve, and the finger-like tip provides firm, intense stimulation that’s perfect for people who like concentrated G-spot stimulation without girth or textural distractions. The Slow Drive I believe also comes in a long version for easier use in a harness or for anyone with reach issues.

Now I want to talk a little bit about the base of this toy because it’s really interesting. Rather than the standard circular base, the Slow Drive has this sort of teardrop-shaped base. This has the advantages of likely being more comfortable in a harness, and also serving as a convenient kind of up arrow in use so you can keep track of the toy’s direction and make sure it isn’t turning around inside the body.

I do find it less comfortable to grip during manual use than the round bases on my other Tantus toys, but I think it’s a minor inconvenience in exchange for not constantly having to adjust the toy when it starts twirling of its own accord. The base also ensures it’s anus compatible, for anyone who wants to use it that way.

Overall, I think the Tantus Slow Drive is a simple, versatile, well-designed dildo that could satisfy an array of different people and bodies. It’s a shame it didn’t work with mine, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!