Today I’m reviewing the Cush O2 dildo by Tantus!

Video Transcript

I never want to take this thing out of my vagina,” I’ve announced on at least a dozen occasions, all involving the Tantus Cush O2. This thing is good stuff! Massive thanks to Tantus for sending it to me for review.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Cush is that it’s not a small toy. The diameter is 1.75” and it’s 6.5” insertable. If you know you don’t like bigger toys, this would be one to pass on. (Maybe go for the Tantus Flurry, which is similar and a quarter-inch thinner.)

But if you’re someone looking to experiment with larger toys, this might be a good one to look into. The reason I say that is because the Cush is part of Tantus’s O2 line and is a dual-density toy. It’s got a firm core that provides some support and keeps it from flopping around, but the outer part of the toy is a much squishier, softer silicone.

Because of the Super Soft™ layer, this toy is a lot more forgiving and comfortable on insertion than it would be if it were made of a firmer silicone or something solid like glass. It’s one of the larger toys I’ve ever used, but with a good amount of water-based lube inserting it has never been an issue.

Inside it feels nicely filling, but not overly stretching or painful, and I think a lot of that has to do with the Super Soft™ material. It’s also just really fun to hold and squish, and I find myself using it as a sort of stress or fidget toy all the time, tossing it from hand-to-hand, squeezing the head between my fingers.

I love the head on this thing. I love the way it’s tapered, which also helps with the insertion. I love squeezing around it with my vagina as much as with my fingers. I love the awesome G-spot stimulation when I thrust it in and out. The head pretty much makes this toy for me.

Whereas the lower ridge I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. When I’m just shoving this toy in and leaving it there to focus on clitoral stimulation, the ridge is great because it actually locks the toy in place and keeps it from trying to slide out when I squeeze it like a lot of smooth toys do.

But for thrusting, I just find it annoying. It sits right at the edge of my vagina when inserted, so when I thrust it kind of pops back and forth across my pubic bone. It’s not uncomfortable or anything, but it is really distracting, and that’s not my game.

So I tend to thrust this toy more shallowly and leave the ridge entirely outside, and that works for me because of where my G-spot is located. But I know a lot of people LOVE that ridge for thrusting because of the way it stimulates their front walls and vaginal entrances. It just doesn’t do it for me. I wish it did, I really do.

Overall though, the Cush is easily one of my favorite dildos. When I want to feel fullness, I grab the Cush. When I want something to really squeeze and give my Kegels a workout, I grab the Cush. When I want shallow thrusting, especially when I’m on my period and my cervix is particularly sensitive, I grab the Cush. When I’m absentminded and fidgety, I grab the Cush. Usually unconsciously. My hands just reach for it because it’s so delightfully squishy.

My vag loves it, my ADHD loves it, what more could you want, really?

In non-dildo-related news, a week from right now I will be at VidCon! If you are also there, you should totally come say hi, I’ll be the one with the purple hair. I’ll probably be tweeting a lot of the panels and events I’m going to over the course of the weekend, so I should be pretty easy to track down. Video uploads won’t be affected by this trip, so whether you’re there or not, you will all see me, as usual, in two weeks.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!