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Miscellaneous March 22, 2016

Top 10 Sex Toys Under $30 (2nd Edition!)

Nearly a year ago now I made a Top 10 Sex Toys Under $30 blog post listing some of the best body-safe toy options available to folks on a tight budget. Since that post I’ve discovered some new gems, so I thought it was time for a second edition! Here are 10 more inexpensive sex toys that kick ass…

Miscellaneous April 2, 2015

Top 10 Sex Toys Under $30

I get a lot of questions about sex toy shopping on a budget, but the general rule in the toy world is that you get what you pay for. Expensive doesn’t always mean quality, but cheap, unfortunately, does tend to mean shitty. Luckily, there are some exceptions out there, and I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorites under $30…