Just a good old fashioned Q&A!

Toys Mentioned:

Doxy Skittle DON
New York Toy Collective Shilo
Vixen Creations Vixskin Goodfella
Tantus Feeldoes
Bro Sleeve
Size Matters Clit Pump
Womanizer Pro W500
Magic Wand Rechargeable

Video Transcript


It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Q&A here, so today I’m gonna A your Qs!

Are there any increased STI risks when you’re on your period?

This is a really good question! Unfortunately, there is disappointingly little research out there on this topic. Right now science seems to be leaning towards… maybe?

In the case of HIV, it’s a blood-borne virus, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the presence of menstrual blood increased its potential for transmission.

For other STIs, there are some other theoretical possibilities for an increased risk, such as blood flow acting as a carrier for pathogens, the cervix being more open for pathogens to get up into, and menstrual blood sometimes irritating the skin and creating an entryway for pathogens that way.

But again, there is so little research out there that it’s impossible to know for sure. My best advice is to get tested and use safer sex barriers, which is always my advice whether you’re having period sex or not.

Any sex toys for trans men? What about trans women? I know all sex toys can be used by anyone, but is there anything targeted specifically at us?

I can’t really think of toys made specifically for trans people (unless you count something like the Doxy Skittle DON which is intentionally gender and sex neutral), but I do know of some toys that are particularly popular within the trans community!

On the trans man side there’s of course loads of pack and play style dildos out there. I reviewed one by Tantus on my blog awhile back that mostly just works as a dildo, but for packing AND playing I know the New York Toy Collective Shilo and Vixen Creations VixSkin Goodfella are very popular. Also in the world of wearable dildos there’s strapless strap-ons like the Tantus Feeldoes, and there’s the Semenette, which is made for harness use and comes with a tube and pump for ejaculation.

For masturbation sleeves, I know some guys on testosterone really like the Bro Sleeve (also known as the Doc Johnson Good Head Helping Hand sleeve). It’s 2” long, and if you use a rubber band to close off one end of it you can even get some suction going. Then there’s actual suction devices like pumps, or a friend and I were actually thinking that the Womanizer might work well for trans men. But I don’t know of any who have tried it, so take that suggestion with a grain of salt.

On the trans woman side, vibrators work on all kinds of genitals. Wand-style vibrators in particular. A lot of people think they’re just for cis women, but that’s not true at all. Lots of trans ladies love their Magic Wands.

What’s your opinion on furries?

I don’t really have one? If they’re not harming anyone, and in general furries aren’t, then they can have whatever hobbies or sexual interests they want. I don’t personally understand it, but there are lots of things that I don’t personally understand, like urethral sounding. Or Dave Matthews Band.

If you could design your dream toy, and cost was not a consideration, what would it be?

I have absolutely no idea. There’s a good reason I’m NOT a toy designer. Like I can point at an existing product and say, “Hey, that looks good,” but I have very little ability to conceptualize what could be good.

In general, though this isn’t so much for myself, I think the industry does need more good sex toys made with accessibility in mind. Toys that can be easily used by people with mobility, motor control, or fatigue issues. Hands-free toys that can stimulate without needing to be held onto. Toys with loop handles or extra-reach handles. Toys with large, simple controls. The good toys rarely seem to have these things, and the handful of toys that do have these things rarely seem to be good. So I’d like to see more options when it comes to accessible sex toys.

In other news, there are a lot more of you now! My subscriber count has more than doubled over the past few days, which is ridiculous. Big, big thanks to Hannah Witton and Rikki Poynter for shouting me out! I hope you all like what you see and decide to stick around. If you’ve got any other sex ed questions for me, leave them down in the comments and I’ll answer as many of them as I can either down there or in my next Q&A.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!