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Reviews July 26, 2016

Tantus Bound Review

When I pulled the Tantus Bound out of the box for the first time, I had the sinking feeling that I’d made a terrible mistake. I don’t think you can fully appreciate exactly how intense this toy’s texture is until you’re holding it in your hand. This is not a dildo for the faint of heart or orifice…

Reviews March 1, 2016

Tantus Uncut #1 Review

Body-positivity and representation are really important to me, but I feel like they’re things that aren’t discussed in the sex toy industry as often as they really should be. Why do the majority of “realistic” toys only come in three colors at most? Why do masturbation sleeve manufacturers seem hell-bent on including as little labia as possible? …

Reviews November 22, 2015

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo Review

Hello hello! Today I’ve got another sex toy review for you, and this one’s kind of exciting for me because it is my first ever glass toy. The great and powerful sex toy behemoth Lovehoney kindly sent me their Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo in exchange for an honest review…

Reviews June 7, 2015

Tantus Echo Review

A while back, the lovely, lovely folks over at Tantus sent me a few toys for review, and today I’m going to talk about this one, which is the Tantus Echo. They call the Echo a vibrator because of the cavity in the base that they send a little bullet vibrator for you to put in, but I rarely use it that way…