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Reviews June 29, 2017

L’amourose Rosa Review

Long ago (err… 2014), tales of a new sex toy company swept through the blogging community. Legend said they had a vibrator called Rosa with a unique shape and vibrations powerful enough to wake up the most stubborn of bodies…

Reviews January 24, 2017

L’amourose Prism V Review

When I say that the L’amourose Prism V is my perfect vibrator, I am not using that word lightly. I test sex toys for a living, after all, and I sugarcoat nothing — the things I love still tend to come with a list of caveats, and the things I hate are spared no snarky comment or complaint. I want the sex toy industry to be better, and part of making it better is through critique…

Uncategorized January 15, 2017

Buying Sex Toys on Amazon? Read This First!

I know that no matter what I say, there are still people who are going to buy their sex toys on Amazon. It’s inevitable — sometimes the promise of a low price or Prime shipping can be too tempting to pass up. I get that. So for those people, here is my guide to Amazon sex toy shopping, including a brief explanation of how Amazon fulfillment services work and my tips for making sure what you pay for is actually what you get…

Reviews June 30, 2016

Swan Princess: Pleasure Panel Review

I am super excited to announce that I am part of the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel! What this means is that you might see sex toy reviews from me pop up over there from time to time. My first Pleasure Panel review is for the Swan Princess rabbit vibrator (also known as the Jopen Vanity Vr5 here in the States)…

Uncategorized March 22, 2016

Top 10 Sex Toys Under $30 (2nd Edition!)

Nearly a year ago now I made a Top 10 Sex Toys Under $30 blog post listing some of the best body-safe toy options available to folks on a tight budget. Since that post I’ve discovered some new gems, so I thought it was time for a second edition! Here are 10 more inexpensive sex toys that kick ass…

Education, Guides, Safer Sex December 11, 2015

Condoms + Sex Toys?

One adage I see promoted frequently by sex educators is that you should be using condoms with your sex toys. This isn’t necessarily bad advice! But there are some important caveats that need to be addressed before you start wrapping up your dildos.