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Sexuality June 7, 2016

10 LGBT+ YouTubers

Happy happy Pride! I’ve decided to kick this month off by sharing some of my favorite LGBT+ YouTubers! Annie Elainey. Annie is a lesbian and does videos on social issues, disability, body positivity, sexuality, etc. She also plays music and does general vlogs and challenges and stuff…

Education, Sexuality February 28, 2015

Bisexuality vs Pansexuality

Hi, my name is Erika Lynae. I’m 20-years-old and I’m a bisexual-identified female. But this wasn’t always the case! For several years, I actually identified as pansexual. And because both of these sexuality labels tend to have a lot of weird connotations and misconceptions, I thought I’d talk a little bit about them, what each one really means, and the similarities and differences between them…