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Reviews June 29, 2017

L’amourose Rosa Review

Long ago (err… 2014), tales of a new sex toy company swept through the blogging community. Legend said they had a vibrator called Rosa with a unique shape and vibrations powerful enough to wake up the most stubborn of bodies…

Reviews April 8, 2017

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Review

This review has taken me a ridiculously long time to do for a few different reasons, but mainly because of the dissonance between how my vagina about this toy and how my brain feels. Let’s get this out of the way first: the Fun Factory Stronic Eins is a nearly $200 sex toy. I never know whether to talk about price in my toy reviews. Sometimes I feel like I should only discuss the faults and merits of the product and let consumers determine their own feelings about the cost…

Reviews January 24, 2017

L’amourose Prism V Review

When I say that the L’amourose Prism V is my perfect vibrator, I am not using that word lightly. I test sex toys for a living, after all, and I sugarcoat nothing — the things I love still tend to come with a list of caveats, and the things I hate are spared no snarky comment or complaint. I want the sex toy industry to be better, and part of making it better is through critique…

Reviews November 21, 2016

We-Vibe Sync Review

In general, wearable couples vibrators are not something that usually excites me. I appreciate the wearable aspect as an accessibility feature, but even then, the motors in those toys are usually pretty weak and buzzy, and they can be really finicky about actually fitting different people’s bodies and staying in the right place. So when We-Vibe sent me their newest couples toy, the Sync, I was as skeptical as I’ve ever been…

Reviews March 20, 2016

We-Vibe Rave Review

When the wonderful folks at Lovehoney offered me the two newest We-Vibe toys for review, it was a very exciting day. If you guys don’t know who We-Vibe are, they’re best known for making some of the most powerful, rumbly vibrators in the industry…

Reviews October 24, 2015

LELO Mona 2 Review

Goddammit LELO. Hey everyone! Today I’ve got a vibrator to review for you, and it is the Mona 2 from luxury sex toy brand LELO. Before I get into anything, I want to let you know that this toy was not provided to me by a company, I purchased it myself…