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Reviews April 24, 2017

Viberry Toothbrush Vibrator Review

This is one of the sillier things that’s ever come in contact with my genitals. If you think this toy just looks like an Oral-B toothbrush with a plastic attachment… that would be because it’s an Oral-B toothbrush with a plastic attachment. This is the Viberry. According to their website, the idea came about when the founder, like many people, discovered that her electric toothbrush could double as a clitoral vibrator…

Reviews November 21, 2016

We-Vibe Sync Review

In general, wearable couples vibrators are not something that usually excites me. I appreciate the wearable aspect as an accessibility feature, but even then, the motors in those toys are usually pretty weak and buzzy, and they can be really finicky about actually fitting different people’s bodies and staying in the right place. So when We-Vibe sent me their newest couples toy, the Sync, I was as skeptical as I’ve ever been…

Reviews August 25, 2016

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

It’s pretty much impossible to talk about the Satisfyer Pro 2 without comparing it to the Womanizer. And much like the Womanizer, this is a toy that leaves me with a lot of questions. Why does it have such a stupid name? …

Reviews May 19, 2016

Jimmyjane Form 5 Review

The first Form 5 I was sent was defective straight out of the box. It wouldn’t take a charge, and it wouldn’t turn on. Then I got my replacement. I think I liked it better when it wouldn’t turn on…

Reviews January 18, 2016

Pleasure Works Rookie + Silver Bullet Review

Today I’m very excited to be doing a review for Good Vibrations, one of the original body-positive, woman-focused, education-based sex shops. They’ve kindly sent me some toys from their Pleasure Works line in exchange for my honest review, so today let’s talk about the Rookie and the Silver Bullet…

Reviews January 4, 2016

Womanizer Pro W500 Review

What is this? WHAT ARE YOU? Today I have another sex toy review for you, and it is the horrendously named, horrendous looking, yet weirdly enjoyable Womanizer Pro W500. This strange device was sent to me by kind folks at Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review…