If you want to contact me about working together, please read this first!

(Shoutout to Girly Juice and Dangerous Lilly, whose excellent policy pages largely inspired this one.)

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Review Policy
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Review Policy

I only accept products for review that I can potentially earn affiliate commission from. This means that your website must have an affiliate program (preferably one that offers at least 15% commission), or that your product must be available through one of the retailers I am already an affiliate with. I will not review products available primarily or exclusively on Amazon.

I do not do paid reviews at this time.

Sending me a product for review does not necessarily guarantee you a positive review. I will always be 100% honest in my opinions, and I do not allow companies to screen my reviews before they go live. All products sent to me are mine, and I will not return or pay for them if you are unhappy with my review for any reason. Please read/watch at least a few of my reviews before contacting me to be sure my review style fits what you are looking for.

I reserve the right to edit or remove reviews for products whose companies I later deem to be ethically corrupt. Shitty ethics include but are not limited to: Treating bloggers, customers, or employees poorly or coming out with racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/etc. products or marketing.

All review stipulations, timeframe requirements, etc. must be clearly presented and agreed on in advance. Any unexpected stipulations declared after the product has been shipped are null and void.

Types of products I am open to reviewing at this time: Vibrators, dildos, Kegel exercisers, lube, books (excluding erotica)

Types of products I do not review at this time: Anal toys, penis toys, porn, erotica, partner products, BDSM/fetish products, fucking machines, harnesses, lingerie, condoms/safer sex products, games, menstrual products, websites

If you have a sexuality product in mind that is not on either of the above lists, you can contact me to find out if I’m interested. The regular affiliate requirements still apply.

One form of advertising that I offer is sponsored content, which can include video or blog post content mentioning and/or linking to your business.

I am very picky with the sorts of sponsored content I am willing to put out. My primary requirement is that the content must be as beneficial to my viewers and readers as it is to the sponsoring brand. I love to work with brands on educational content (which can definitely include product recommendations and links to their website), but if you’re looking for a straightforward ad or endorsement of your company, I am probably not your girl.

I am also picky with the types of brands I’m willing to take on for sponsorship. If your company has questionable ethics or sells products I consider shitty, I’m not going to want to recommend you to my audience for any amount of money. But if you’re a cool company with high-quality products or services, let’s talk!

All sponsored content on this blog or my YouTube channel will be written and produced by me.

After we’ve agreed on a price and I have been paid a percentage agreed upon, I will pitch you some ideas and we can go from there. All sponsorship payments are nonrefundable. Once you’ve chosen an idea, I will write up the post/video script, send it to you for approval and (at most) a few small changes, film it if necessary, and publish the content with links to your business. If we’re working on a payment plan, I will invoice you for the remaining percentage at this point.

As per FTC guidelines, all sponsored content will be clearly denoted as such within the video and/or post. This disclosure is non-negotiable.

Sidebar Advertising Policy

I also offer paid banner advertising and text links in the sidebar of this blog.

All advertising fees must be paid before the ad goes up and are non-refundable. I will not accept ad banners that include nudity (though nudity on the linked site is completely fine), animation, or offensive/oppressive content.

E-mail me at erikalynaemail @ gmail.com for rates!