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Miscellaneous January 15, 2018

The Best (and Worst) Sex Toys of 2017

Another year has come and passed, and it is time to round up the greatest and most terrible sex toys I tried in 2017. As always, I’m excited to dive right in at rock bottom, so let’s start with the worst shit that came in contact with my genitals last year. This came down to a tie between two toys that I took absolutely no joy in reviewing harshly because they’re both from companies that I genuinely really like. And funny enough, now that I think about it, they’re toys that have the exact opposite problems…

Miscellaneous August 20, 2017

The Truth About Body-Safe: Woodhull #SFS17 Transcript

If you’ve spent any time reading sex blogger Twitter in the past couple of weeks, then you have almost certainly witnessed the exasperation caused by a panel at the recent Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit titled “The Truth About Body-Safe: a frank, evidence-based discussion of what body-safe really means”…

Miscellaneous January 15, 2017

Buying Sex Toys on Amazon? Read This First!

I know that no matter what I say, there are still people who are going to buy their sex toys on Amazon. It’s inevitable — sometimes the promise of a low price or Prime shipping can be too tempting to pass up. I get that. So for those people, here is my guide to Amazon sex toy shopping, including a brief explanation of how Amazon fulfillment services work and my tips for making sure what you pay for is actually what you get…

Miscellaneous December 31, 2016

The Best (And Worst) Sex Toys of 2016

As the year draws to a close, I just want to take a little look back over a lot of the sex toys I tried this year. Things I loved. Things I hated. Mostly things I loved, honestly — as shitty as this year was in a lot of regards, it was a pretty good year for sex toys (at least for me)! So let’s dive into many of the wonders and disappointments 2016 brought into my life…

Miscellaneous December 9, 2016

5 Sex Toy Shopping Mistakes

Sex toy shopping can be weird. I’ll be the first to admit that. Our society’s attitudes toward sex and masturbation are weird, and it’s usually not often that we buy things that are going to interact with our bodies so intimately. But because they interact with our bodies so intimately, there are a lot of considerations that need to be made when purchasing your sex toys…

Miscellaneous March 22, 2016

Top 10 Sex Toys Under $30 (2nd Edition!)

Nearly a year ago now I made a Top 10 Sex Toys Under $30 blog post listing some of the best body-safe toy options available to folks on a tight budget. Since that post I’ve discovered some new gems, so I thought it was time for a second edition! Here are 10 more inexpensive sex toys that kick ass…