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Education February 21, 2016


If you read the title of this video and are expecting me to provide some life-changing tips on improving sexual performance or pleasure, I only really have one of those: Communicate. Also do Kegels. But those aren’t really hacks. To me, the entire concept of “lifehacks” is all about finding easier, cheaper, or quicker solutions to day-to-day annoyances…

Biology, Education February 7, 2016

Penis Myths

If you’ve been following this channel for awhile, you might know that last year I did a video on misconceptions surrounding the hymen — things people tend to get wrong about vulvas and virginity. Today I want to do another misconceptions video, but this one is all about penises and scrotums…

Education, Guides January 12, 2016

Sex Toy Material Guide

Since the sex toy industry is completely unregulated, trying to find a good, body-safe toy without prior knowledge about materials can be like navigating a minefield. One wrong move and you can easily make yourself sick or irritate your genitals, and nobody wants that…

Education, Guides, Safer Sex December 11, 2015

Condoms + Sex Toys?

One adage I see promoted frequently by sex educators is that you should be using condoms with your sex toys. This isn’t necessarily bad advice! But there are some important caveats that need to be addressed before you start wrapping up your dildos.

Education, Guides November 7, 2015


Around 6 months ago I made a video going over the different types of sex lubricants and their uses. I talked a little bit about questionable ingredients in that video, but today I want to really get into the science-y side of lubricant safety, specifically the issues of osmolality and pH…

Education October 10, 2015

Fetish Fears?

Hello! I got a message the other day from a viewer who said: “I was wondering if you could talk about fetishes and if they’re okay. I have a strong fetish for wedgies. Giving and getting wedgies turns me on more than anything else. How would I bring this concept up to a partner?” …

Education, Guides, Safer Sex September 26, 2015

5 Things That Break Down Condoms

Latex condoms are one of the most widely used methods of contraception, and definitely the most widely available. They’re awesome at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, and you may have heard that they’re 98% effective if used correctly…