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Biology, Education, Safer Sex November 11, 2016

Pregnancy Myths

Despite being one of the few topics that’s actually reliably covered in basic school sex education, pregnancy is still a subject that a lot of people are confused about. As someone who discusses sex online, a large percentage of the questions I get from people are about pregnancy concerns. If I do this, could I get pregnant? If I did this, could I be pregnant? …

Biology, Education July 17, 2016

Pain During Sex?

When I talk about avoiding pain during penetrative sex, I tend to give a lot of the same advice. Go slowly. Use lube. Make sure you’re completely comfortable and aroused. Try being on top so that you can control the speed and depth of penetration…

Biology, Education, Safer Sex April 27, 2016

STI Myths

As some of you may or may not know, April is STD Awareness Month. I’m going to assume most of you are aware of STDs. If you had a US sex education, you probably saw some pretty gnarly pictures. But despite this awareness, there are still so many myths and misconceptions out there surrounding sexually transmitted infections/diseases…

Biology, Education April 3, 2016

How Does Arousal Work?

Arousal is a surprisingly complex topic. It seems like it should be pretty simple — you want to do sexy things, your genitals respond, and then you get down to business. But that’s not always how it happens for a large percentage of people, and even when it is, there are a few other major factors that play into it…

Biology, Education February 7, 2016

Penis Myths

If you’ve been following this channel for awhile, you might know that last year I did a video on misconceptions surrounding the hymen — things people tend to get wrong about vulvas and virginity. Today I want to do another misconceptions video, but this one is all about penises and scrotums…

Biology, Education July 4, 2015

Vaginal Discharge

One topic that is rarely ever covered in US sex education is vaginal discharge, which is mind-boggling to me given that it’s an important bodily phenomenon that happens to everyone born with a vagina. Since it’s such a normal process and can contain important information about our health and menstrual cycles, why doesn’t anybody talk about it? …